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If you’re committed to harnessing the full scope of digital marketing, the right analytics and tracking setup isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. Winning the online game and 10X’ing your business isn’t just about website traffic, impressions, and conversions; success lies in understanding the customer journey of your target audience.

The right GA4 setup can reveal nuanced user behavior. You’ll grasp where visitors come from, what they engage with, why they leave, or convert. These insights fuel highly targeted campaigns, replacing scatter-shot attempts with precision.

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Our processHow it Works

1: Data Review

We first need to see where you’re at with your tracking and if the current settings make sense.

2: Tracking plan

Together, we work out what we want to measure and on which platforms to create a comprehensive tracking brief.

3: Get to work

After we have all the access we need, our team gets to work. This includes initial setup and debugging.

4: Review & Polish

We’ll be honest, tracking can be tedious. In some cases the initial setup needs some refinement. We’ll take care of this until the data comes in as it should.

Grow with Tracking & AnalyticsStill not convinced?

In a world where consumer preferences change at the click of a mouse, real-time reports offer you the agility to adapt your marketing strategies on the fly. Our approach gives you direct access to performance metrics that matter, filtering out the noise that often clouds data interpretation. It’s not just about what the numbers are; it’s about what they mean and how they correlate. With tracking you get:


  • Increased Marketing Productivity: A US insurance company increased marketing productivity by over 15% annually from 2009 to 2012 by utilizing marketing analytics.​ ¹
  • Boosted E-commerce Sales: By reallocating marketing spend based on consumer behavior data, a home-appliance company boosted e-commerce sales by 21%.​ ²
  • Improved Attribution and Campaign Optimization: Data analytics in advertising improves campaign performance and identifies new advertising opportunities, enhancing overall marketing outcomes. ³
  • Enhanced ROI Comparisons: Marketing analytics enable effective ROI comparisons across different marketing channels, aiding in better resource allocation.
  • Informed decision making: Analytics dashboards provide current performance metrics and progress tracking, aiding in informed decision-making and prioritization in marketing campaigns.

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Data without interpretation is merely numbers on a screen. What sets us apart is our capacity to transform this raw data into actionable strategies that align with your business objectives. After all, analytics are not just for analysts; they’re for marketers, strategists, and ultimately, anyone vested in the growth of a business.

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Do you currently track any data on your website or app?

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